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Who am I?

I started in the jewelry business 32 years ago in Provo Utah. I learned my craft of repairing fine jewelry by watching master craftsman create and repair a wide variety of jewelry.

As an apprentice I started with simple repairs and learned how to work with rare metals and gemstones even elks teeth. Most of the work I have done was for large jewelry stores before going solo.

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My Past

While living in Utah, California, and Idaho I worked with many other goldsmiths. I benefited from their decades of experience. In February of 1984 I began an apprenticeship. I started with simple repairs and watched a master work. I also took a gemology course in colored stones and studied information on diamonds. In 1987 I moved to Sacramento and took a stone setting class in San Francisco. I found work in a small repair shop with four other goldsmiths. I repaired about 50 pieces of jewelry a day for 2 1/2 years. The experience I gained by setting hundreds of diamonds also helped me learn stone grading. In 1989 I moved my family to Twin Falls and started my own wholesale business. I did the repair work for Samuels, Zales, and Fred Meyer for 20 plus years. When one store closed and another store began to ship their work out of state I decided, in 2014, to open my own retail store.

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